It can no longer be overlooked that today's cultural soul is sick and in need of healing. Like the group soul, the cultural soul is made up of the souls of its members, miraculously creating a whole that is always more than the sum of its parts. Since every man is a part of the cultural soul, he can also contribute to the healing of the cultural soul. This only requires the belief that natural life on earth is something marvellous that is worth fighting for.

As every doctor knows, an illness can only ever be cured satisfactorily once it has been adequately analysed and understood. In order for a person to come to such an understanding in relation to today's culture, they must come to terms with some unpleasant cultural realities. One of these unpleasant realities is that fascism, which can be traced back directly to Roman rule, is today one of the major causes of the illness of the cultural soul in almost every country in the world. It is therefore not enough to merely operate on the surface of everyday cultural life, as the healing of the cultural soul requires a sufficient analysis of an ideological cultural heritage that has become "self-evident". Only when the individual realises that a large part of this cultural heritage consists of completely arbitrary, unnatural and pathological ideas can he or she throw his or her natural weight and voice into the scales of cultural development and generate an important healing effect for the cultural soul. This book provides all the necessary information for this.


  • The supernatural being of traditional high culture
  • The contribution of modern corporations to a progressive disease of the cultural soul
  • How the cultural soul became ill as a result of a narcissistic change in human behavior
  • The targeted distractions of the cultural man from today's everyday cultural life
  • The consequences of a supernatural, idealistic polarization of the human worldview
  • The recognition of the diseased cultural soul by Jesus and the christianity
  • The necessary taboo for any deprivation of rights and enslavement of people
  • The farewell to a human arbitrariness that works against nature
  • The present cultural development
  • The deliberate overcoming of Roman fascism for a lasting healing of the cultural soul and human nature


The supernatural being of traditional high culture (parts)

Since the self-organisation of mankind through a advanced class culture (Mesopotamia, Egypt, India and China), there have been relatively all-powerful "master men", relatively powerless servant men (civil servants, traders, craftsmen) and powerless slave men (bonded labourers, slaves, proletarians, low-wage workers). As a result, human community relations have changed from an originally simple natural symbiosis of relativ equal rights into sado-masochistic relationships with a tendency towards delusions of a grandeur and a inferiority. The constant "progress" of this cultural organisation over the last 5,000 years has brought mankind today to the limits of human nature as well as to the limits of earthly nature and is in the process of seriously damaging life on earth.

Today's cultural man is increasingly confused and arbitrary in his behaviour and is about to sacrifice "EVERYTHING" for a strange pursuit of the absolutist power over life in a relative universe, which is why he is trying to maintain the traditional class culture in any case. Most of what cultural man undertakes today is therefore unnatural, pointless and futile, because he is striving for something that cannot be achieved outside a human fantasy that has become arbitrary and an artificial unnatural cultural bubble . This is why man is sacrificing the earth's natural resources for a dream that will inevitably vanish into thin air in the near future, because today's global corporations and an increasingly centralised state authority are increasingly overburdening every living being on earth.

The notorious overtaxing of human nature by the master men has been going on for 5000 years, as the authoritarian culture of class has formed veritable culture machines out of people, such as the labour machine for building the pyramids or the military machine. These machines require "selfless" people so that an absolutised and centralised cultural authority can be passed from top to bottom in the cultural machines without friction, so that everyone involved pulls in the same direction. From the very beginning, class culture was therefore characterised by an extremist polarisation of omnipotence and powerlessness, which inevitably took people out of their natural symbiotic and liberal constitution. At the latest with the beginning of Greek civilisation, which for the first time produced real slave markets and a heaven of gods that became a direct mirror of a manipulative society, the artificial polarisation of cultural life within class culture became a hermetically sealed human way of ife.This development has not only effectively separated man from nature, but has also transformed him into a non-human in many respects.

In the cultural history of the last 3000 years, we find many personal testimonies about the experience of an all-destroying war machine, which has confronted those affected by it with an extreme human evil. If a class culture goes to war, then its cultural machines built of humans can become destructive monsters, as the people who have become a selfless part of a cultural machine tend to develop a blind, extremely fatalistic obedience through which they lose their humanity. This loss of humanity has led man into an automated military goose step, which have become a symbol of how man can realise aincredibly machine-like behaviour without any natural impulse. This bottomless unnatural cultural phenomenon, which reached a temporary peak in cultural history with the Nazis, continues to preoccupy many people today, as the obedient cultural man can become part of a destructive machine (e.g. an economic machine or bureaucratic machine) at any time, even if those involved are generally social and friendly people. Subservient persons who becomes part of a destructive cultural machine tends to go berserk in the heat of a cultural crisis. This is especially the case when their situation becomes unbearable and they develop panicky or allergic states of mind. In such a situation, people who have become "one" with an unnatural cultural machine can become "machine men" whose actions become so brutal and deviant that they are haunted by these actions for the rest of their lives. This phenomenon has become particularly clear through the intensive media coverage of the Vietnam War. For a long time, quite a few American soldiers had problems psychologically processing the fear and loathing of the unhumans they had become as part of the American military machine in Vietnam. In the event of an emergency, the machines of class culture therefore not only ruin the lives of the enemy, but also the lives of their own cultural citizens, who have become a subservient part of a cultural machine.

So when people talk about having to conquer their inner demons, they are usually talking about their overnatural cultural ego, which already the children have to train to survive in the class culture. In many respects, the human cultural ego, like the cultural constitution of the status culture, is terrible and violent, both against other people and against its own gift of life. For this reason, the cultural human being cannot take sufficient countermeasures with a mere admonition to a natural reason and for a social behaviour, as half-hearted attempts only have limited success with a cultural ego that acts arbitrarily and supernaturally. The man therefore must learn to understand the nature of the class culture so that he can understand why the pathologically authoritarian cultural ego sometimes becomes bottomlessly destructive. Only then he will realise that he will not have a future worth living without a change in the traditional cultural organisation.

The artificial cultural ego forms an extended arm of the class culture, which is why the adapting cultural human being inevitably becomes an unnaturally himself organising human being. Anyone who takes this simple bio-logic seriously and recognises the fundamental problem in it can gradually develop a self-organisation on their own initiative that is consciously oriented towards nature. Man do not need a "saviour" from outside to do this, as this traditional religious figure of hope is merely an invention of class culture to keep ordinary people trapped in a passive and submissive cultural adaptation.

The central goal of all historical sadistic or narcissistic efforts to gain power was and still is the unconditional surrender of all subordinates. This applies to authoritarian parental education as well as to the military machine, the bureaucratic machine and the capitalist economic machine. Unconditional capitulation presupposes that the natural self-will of the subordinates is broken by a constant or extreme psychological overload, so that the natural self-will and the natural ego remain chronically underexposed in favor of the ego and the will of the "victorious" authorities. Since this objective cannot be realized without further ado, the class culture has, since its inception, ensured a normal family war, a downright gender war and an obligatory class war through a corresponding internal policy, so that the people of culture are exposed to a constant heavy social burden or overload.

Since it is relatively easy to break the will of children, there has been a completely normal "black pedagogy" in Western cultures since the Thirty Years' War from 1618 to 1648, which openly pursues the goal of breaking the children's natural self-will as early as possible (book "Black Pedagogy" by Katharina Rutschky, Ullstein Verlag, 1984): "It is quite natural that the soul wants to have its will, and if you have not done things right in the first two years, it is more difficult to achieve the goal afterwards. One of the advantages of these first years is that you can use force and coercion. Over the years, children forget everything they encountered in their first childhood. If you can deprive children of their will, they will not remember that they had a will, and the sharpness that you will have to use will not have any bad consequences".(Book p.173 f., J. Sulzer: The two main tasks of early childhood education, 1748). This excerpt from a textbook for educators is just one example of more than 100 teaching examples that could still be found in the original in 1980. They provide an informative insight into the type of child rearing that was "normal" in all Western cultures for over 350 years. As late as 1965, there were educational guides for parents that recommended simply letting babies cry without reaction in order to break the "tyrannical" will of children.


How the cultural soul became ill as a result of a narcissistic change in human behavior

Unlike in past class cultures, the master man today generally no longer acts in an openly sadistic and authoritarian manner, but through hidden narcissistic relationship strategies of a destructive kind. This destructive narcissism differs significantly from the simple narcissism of exaggerated human self-absorption through the mixture of a bottomless egocentrism with a pathological lust for power over other living beings. Today's man can therefore make the term "master man" more tangible for himself as soon as he takes an absolutist egocentric striving for power as the criterion for the specific behaviour of the master man. The term "master man" therefore also applies to all people of the cultural middle and lower classes who strive for an absolutist power over their relationship partners.

The essence of destructive and malignant narcissism is realising itself through the fact that narcissistic people always develop an individual ideological and emotional jammer for the social nature of the human being. Due to their intensive social self-organisation, the human species has not developed any special skills for survival as a lone fighter. The humans are therefore fundamentally susceptible to a disruption of their social-symbiotic relationships, as these represent the essential natural life insurance for humans. The narcissistic "master man" uses this "weak point" in human biology in a systematic way to disturb his relationship partners. To do this, it is often sufficient to let flow sarcastic sexual terms into the communication, which disrupt the symbiotic thinking and feelings of an empathic person. If a person reacts to the narcissistic agenda in an aggressive, panicky or even allergic way, the narcissistic agenda is raised to a second level in order to drive the person concerned into unconditional surrender by accusing them of weak-minded, antisociality and malice.

The narcissistic person usually develops various methods that focus on the particular "weak points" of the respective relationship partners in order to disturb them and unsettle them in the long term. Today, this objective of all narcissists is the weal or woe of many people who unknowingly enter into a relationship with a narcissist. Contrary to the common perception that a psychopathic individual is a mentally or emotionally handicapped person, the destructive narcissist is often extremely intelligent, "empathetic" and sophisticated in his or in her power agenda. The narcissist is therefore dangerous for all people who are looking for comfort and affection in the relatively cold social world of modern class culture. If a person falls for an "empathic narcissist", a narcissistic relationship vicious circle usually develops, through which the "naive" relationship partner becomes weaker and weaker until they finally react in a panic or allergic manner.

The tragedy of such a relationship is that although the naive relationship partner notices that he or she does not have enough energy, tends to feel helpless and to become psychologically dependent on the narcissist, he or she does not attribute these symptoms to the narcissist's behaviour. The "successful" narcissist becomes an empathic helper in the world view of their relationship partners. In this way, the deceptive narcissistic "helper" can manipulate the relationship further and further through his well-disguised sympathy with subliminally placed, disturbing "messages" until the "naive" relationship partner loses himself in supernatural reactions and behaviour. This kind of unrecognised narcissistic relationship game can go so far that those affected no longer know what is right and wrong and get into a depression or even burn-out. Today's narcissistic "master man" is therefore even more dangerous than the former, openly sadistic master man, as an openly sadistic striving for power can be recognised by his social fatalism. A malignant narcissism, on the other hand, leads to the psychological disintegration of the relationship partners and is difficult to recognise from the outside.

Today, we also find many hidden malignant narcissists in the middle class, whose survival formula usually consists in "to hump upwards and to kick downwards". As a result, even an employer, a teacher or a civil servant can "cultivate" a malicious narcissistic jammer in the everyday relationships. Many "naive" people, referred to as highly sensitive people, make nowadays regular relationship experiences that disturb them in a more or less serious way.

Above all, the relationship between narcissistic parents and their children leads to serious impairment of the children and the later adults, as children strive to fulfil also their parents ideas about an absolutist filial obedience. Children have no other choice in this respect, as they are fundamentally dependent on their parents. Therefore, in the world view of many cultural children, a whole parental catalogue of receivables develops over time, which overtaxes the children in a real way and nevertheless becomes a fixed behavioural agreement within the parent-child relationship. Instead of a living symbiotic relationship of a natural kind, relatively inanimate relationships characterised by fixed conditions and rituals develop between the parents and the child. This result of a narcissistic educational pedagogy is generally based on a reward and punishment policy that humans have been using for 5000 years to domesticate their pets. As a result, a kind of living photo-negative for the respective expectations, conditions and demands of the parents is burned into the children's consciousness, from which regular behavioural matrices for the child's behaviour develop over time. These behavioural matrices become "natural" over the years and become deeply imprinted in the child's cerebellum, which converts all regularly recurring human actions into an automated action programme, as is the case, for example, with the ability to walk. The childs behavioural matrices automated by the cerebellum are usually reactivated even in a person over 50 years of age who meets his narcissistic parents again after a long period of separation. The narcissistic relationship matrices that were formed in childhood therefore remain in place until the adult child consciously changes or dissolves these matrices.


The consequences of a supernatural, idealistic polarisation of the human worldview

Up to now, most people have been one-sidedly fixated on seeking the blame and the cause of their problems in human nature and explicitly avoid dealing with their traditional cultural and religious constitution. As a result, people inevitably stand in their own way for the improving of their personal and cultural lives. This has become a stubborn misfortune for all people.

Through its programmatic power agenda, the religion of class culture has massively contaminated man's view of the world with numerous supernatural ideas of fear and has led man into a pathological ideological self-organisation. Since the emergence of Jewish monotheism, a large part of humanity has distinguished between a narcissistic God who operates with a pedagogy of rewards and punishments (good) and a devil (evil). Therefore many humans loose themself until today in an ideological self-overload and in a corresponding quiet hopelessness. The Roman Catholic Church and Protestantism, with the exception of Calvinism, have tried to mitigate this devastating polarisation of the human world view with a friendlier, empathic image of God. To this end, the supernatural idealism invented by the Greek philosopher Plato was also adopted, which led to a new religious distinction between an ideological pole of the heavenly (supernatural, superior, good) and an ideological pole of the earthly (natural, inferior, bad). This polarisation of the human world view has remained an essential ideological basis of the Roman Catholic and Protestant religious constitutions to this day.

The Western soul is still bleeding today from the ideological and emotional wounds that such an absolutist supernatural polarisation of the human world view causes, because man has not stopped until today cultivating arbitrary supernatural ways of thinking, feeling and acting. Ever since the Catholic Church adopted the particular complex of Platonic idealism, Western civilisation has distinguished between a heavenly realm of pure divine being and an earthly realm of low, flawed and sinful being. This has created a kind of Gordian ideological knot in human thinking, which regards everything natural as inferior and which has tightened more and more over the centuries.

Many people today can no longer find peace because their religious cultural heritage prevents them from finding their way back to a constructive natural view of life, which is primarily orientated towards the natural evaluation categories of healthy and sick. The absolutist idealistic categories of good and evil and of heavenly and earthly are completely arbitrary value categories that have been used for 5,000 years by the respective "master men" of class culture to secure supernatural cultural domination. As a result, it has always been "good and right" what the God-King and all cultural authorities (God's governors on earth) have thought and said, so that the strange, generally accepted view has arisen, that the "victor" and not the nature of the earth writes history. Through the acceptance of this and many other arbitrary views of life, the biological evaluation of cultural life through the natural value categories of healthy and sick has remained notoriously underexposed in the cultures of class or has fallen victim entirely to bottomless human arbitrariness.

The categories of "good and evil" have the fundamental inner potency to become an ideological cancer for cultural man, which can cause social communitisation to fail completely. A vivid example of this is the Thirty Years' War from 1618 to 1648, the history of which showed that an idealistic religion is an extremely effective instrument of power at the disposal of the masters of class culture. This gives them the opportunity to make various arbitrary claims about what God or "fate" wants at any given time and to drive the different faith groups that emerge into devastating conflicts. The ideological categories of good and evil more or less deliver the simple cultural man to the master man, so that the natural being of man is constantly in danger of being weakened or injured. The class culture has therefore remained not only an unnatural, but also an unfortunate culture to this day.


The recognition of the diseased cultural soul by Jesus and the Christianity

These consequences of a non-natural life by an all-consuming class culture are the reason why the life example of Jesus still holds an important lesson for people today. Jesus was not only an exceptional phenomenon of his time, but was also the first person to intuitively understand the problematic inner nature of class culture. He therefore tried to neutralise the unnatural and asocial symptoms of class culture by consciously emphasising the brotherhood and the charity. In many respects, this message of Jesus' life does not agree with the Catholic Church's interpretation which has turned Jesus into a selfless and self-sacrificing divine scapegoat for all people. In many ways, the resulting religious figure of selfless forbearance and suffering distracts from the real life message of Jesus, which we can understand as an agenda of an emphasised empathic humanity.


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Especially if you are affected by a stubborn passivity and hopelessness, it is important to realise that a problem can only ever be solved satisfactorily once its nature has been sufficiently understood. There is therefore no reason why something has to remain as it is. This even applies to serious personal impairments that have existed for as long as we have been able to think.